Ayurvedic Integration Program

Program Begins March 5, 2022
Led by Ayurvedic Doctor Allison Morse


Paid in advance at time of registration
plus $55 for course manual.

200 hour allison agni hotra

Session Dates:  March 5-6 | April 9-10 | May 14-15 | June 11-12 | July 16-17  August 20-21 | September 17-18 | October 15-16 | November 12-13 | December 10-11

Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00–3:30

Call the clinic to schedule a free call with our Program Director to learn more! 


Wisdom and Practices of Ayurveda

Empower yourself with the wisdom and practices of Ayurveda—the oldest surviving preventative healthcare system—through this 200-hour live program with leading faculty in the field. Gain confidence in your ability to use Ayurvedic medicine for your own well-being and to add value to your services if you have a career in health and wellness. 

Over the course of the program you will integrate Ayurveda as lifestyle medicine that can prevent or reverse chronic disease; increase energy; reduce stress, anxiety, and depression; and promote longevity. Through specialized seasonal and daily Ayurvedic routines, holistic nutrition, stress-reduction techniques, and self-care, learn how Ayurveda can slow down, stop, and reverse the course of today’s most prevalent chronic health conditions. 

Anyone wanting to improve their own health and the health of their family are invited to take this program. Yoga teachers, counselors, therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, doctors, coaches, herbalists, and other practitioners will increase the depth and breadth of their wellness offerings creating a more attractive and financially sustainable suite of services.

“My primary reason for entering this program was to learn ways to promote health for myself and my family. The program surpassed my expectations, thank you!”



Live Program

• Learn the foundations of Ayurvedic medicine which can prevent and reverse chronic disease, restore digestive health, reduce inflammation, improve skin issues, boost immunity, and more. 


• Understand how Ayurveda uses food as medicine, with Ayurvedic teas, spices, herbs and oils.


• Practice at-home remedies, including self-massage, nasya (nasal) therapy, tongue cleaning, cleansing treatments for the eyes, and the protocols for an Ayurvedic home cleanse.


• Understand how to balance the doshas by using daily and seasonal routines.


• Learn mindful eating habits, food combining, and how to make specialized foods with dramatic health properties by studying the 20 gunas/qualities which teach us how to have a better relationship with our food, body, and environment. 


• Begin to discover your life’s purpose, also known as dharma, through the study of Ayurveda’s ancient history and philosophy. 


• Support yourself, your family, and those you teach or coach by learning to communicate effective and educational advice on Ayurvedic routines and nutrition.

“The program was appropriately vigorous and beautifully designed. I appreciated the way the material was built over time and the way we were asked to engage with the material in many ways through reading, listening, art, experimentation, and discussion.”



Improve and Grow Your Practice!

Gain an understanding of how the underlying imbalances in the body’s energy systems (doshas) can cause chronic health issues, which will help you guide your clients and students towards appropriate balancing and healing practices.

Improve and grow your career with a reference manual and other resources to return to again and again.

Learn from multiple leaders in the field of Ayurveda all within one program.

Create opportunities to collaborate with other colleagues in the healthcare field.

Learn personal care to help you better serve your professional life.

Use the hours from this program as a prerequisite for the Kripalu Ayurvedic Health Counselor training (hours are transferrable).


Will Include

History and Philosophy | Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology | Lifestyle Practices and Seasonal Routines | Yogic Principles | Pranayama and Meditation | Ayurvedic Psychology | Herbal Wisdom | Home Remedies | Cleansing and Detoxification | Ayurvedic Nutrition and Food as Medicine



Allison Morse
Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr. Margrit Mikulis
Doctor of Ayurveda,
Naturopathic Doctor

Regan Wendell
Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Adena Bright
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Richard Powell
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Dr. Claudia Welch
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Anne Cameron
Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Ilana Sobo
Community Herbalist,
Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Things to Know


• Continue your studies: Students will be able to use the hours from this program as a prerequisite for the Kripalu Ayurvedic Health Counselor training (hours are transferrable). Transfer hours and we can proctor the test for you.

• VSAC approved: Vermont Students only—apply for a grant. VSAC students give a deposit of $495 to reserve a space. 

• Application Process: Applicants will need to fill out a simple online application. Once payment is made the application needs to be filled out and you will receive confirmation shortly thereafter.

• Cancellation Policy: There is a $500 nonrefundable application fee which will be applied to the program. If you cancel your participation in the course 15 days or more before the program start date, you will be charged the $500 application fee and any other fees will be refunded. If you cancel 14 days or less before the start of the program, you will be charged the $500 application fee and any other payments will be reserved as credit for the clinic or school.

• Absence: You may miss one weekend of the course and still continue the program and receive a Certificate of Completion.

• Home Study: Students are required to do a home practice 1–2 hours per week, which may include cooking, meditation, yoga, journaling and self-reflection, and/or Ayurvedic remedies or routines.